※ 모든 구비 서류는 스캔하여 첨부 & 모든 구비 서류는 인니어 혹은 영문만 가능
※ 코로나 백신 접종 2차 이상 의무적으로 완료해야 입국이 가능하나, 기저질환
    등의 이유로 접종을 하지 못한 경우엔 국립병원(혹은 대학병원)에서 발급한 영문
    의사 소견서를 대신 첨부해야 함.
※ (국제 나이 기준) 18세 미만의 미성년자는 코로나 백신 접종 증명서 첨부할 필요 없음.

※ All documents must be in English or Indonesian and scanned then upload it.
※ It is possible to enter the country only after completing the second or more
    COVID-19 vaccinations, but if you're not not possible to received
    the vaccination due to underlying diseases, so you must get a doctor's note
    or statement letter in English issued by a national hospital (or university hospital).
※ Minors under the age of 18 do not need to attach a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.


(the embassy only gives a maximum stay of 60 days)
Business Visit  $ 154.00
Please see more requirements details >>
Business Visa Requirements

Social Cultural Visit  $    -
Tourist Visit  $ 154.00
Please see more requirements details >>
Tourist Visa Requirements
LIMITED STAY Limited Stay Visa  $ -
MULTIPLE ENTRY Multiple Entry Visa  $ -
DIPLOMATIC / OFFICIAL Diplomatic and Official Visa Free For Assignments and Visit in Indonesia: (requires approval from Indonesian Government)
1. Passport
2. Photograph
3. Diplomatic ID Card (for non-Korean     Diplomats/Officials)
4. Diplomatic Note/Note Verbale from     Respective Government or International     Organization (or from Respectice     Country’s mission in     Korea in case of     non-Korean Diplomats/Officials)
5. Diplomatic Note/Note Verbale from     Respective Country’s mission in Indonesia     stating:
         A. Name and Title
         B. Urgency to Enter RI Territory
         C. Scanned Passports/Residence               Permit
         D. Scheduled/planned arrival in               Indonesia
         E. Airplane ticket attachments
         F. Stated in the note that he will              comply with the applicable health              protocol in accordance with SE              Task Force 8/2021
         G. Name of hotel chosen for isolation              (from a list of 55 + 12 hotels              that have been circulated) protocol
         H. Contact person from the               Embassy.
6. Negative Covid-19 PCR test result     (tested 3×24 hrs before entering     Indonesia).
6 Months Stay  $   47.00 1. Passport (Color)
1 Year Stay  $   77.00 2. Photograph
2 Year Stay  $ 135.00 3. Identification Card (both sides) In Korea
5 Years Stay  $ 250.00 4. Indonesian Immigration Approval     (Cable/Telex)
5. KITAP (Card Permanent Resident)
6. Health Certificate
EXIT PERMIT ONLY (EPO) -  Free 1. Passport
2. Print out E-Kitas / E-Kitap
3. Letter from Sponsor in Indonesia (Exit     Permit Only)